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Nimpkish Lake
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Nimpkish Lake

Vancouver Island Vacation Nimpkish Lake

A vacation destination for locals and tourists, Nimpkish Lake is situated on Vancouver Island surrounded by the rugged beauty of the wildness of the North.
During the summer vacation months, the shores of Nimpkish Lake are abuzz with the sounds of holiday makers who are drawn to the beauty and serenity of Northern Vancouver Island. Camping, Nimpki ...
Scenic Nimpkish Lake Northern Vancouver Island

The beautiful scenic Nimpkish Lake on Northern Vancouver Island is popular with locals and visitors for recreational activities.
Guarded by towering mountains and fringed by lush forest, Nimpkish Lake is situated in a scenic location on the Northern end of Vancouver Island. At 22 kilometres long and with steep sided moun ...
Windsurfing Nimpkish Lake BC

Situated at the Northern end of Vancouver Island, Nimpkish lake is a popular destination for windsurfing.
Windsurfer on Nimpkish lake back dropped by the Vancouver Island Mountain Range, Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
Nimpkish Lake BC

A lit campfire on the shores of Nimpkish Lake on Northern Vancouver Island in BC, British Columbia, Canada.
A hidden gem on Northern Vancouver Island, BC is Nimpkish Lake, a 22 kilometre lake with more than one personality!The northern end of Nimpkish Lake is protected and generally calm, protected from ...
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