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Vancouver Island

Nookta Sound Sunset West Coast Vancouver Island

The many nooks and crannies, islands, bays, and stunning sunsets of Nootka Sound on the West Coast of Vancouver Island make it a popular destination of exploration for nature lovers.
As well as being an area of cultural and spiritual significance to the Mowachaht people, Nootka Sound on the West Coast of Vancouver Island is also a mecca for nature lovers. By day, the waters ...
Cape Scott Trail Vancouver Island

A true wilderness experience on Vancouver Island is hiking the Cape Scott Trail at the northern tip of the island.
If hiking is a favourite pass time, then you'll truly enjoy the Cape Scott Trail on Northern Vancouver Island. The Cape Scott Trail will soon be joined to the North Coast Trail which when compl ...
Northern Vancouver Island Shelter

Usually used for those in distress, the shelter at Palmerston Reserve is a great place to take in the views of the West Coast of Northern Vancouver Island.
The Palmerston Reserve shelter is situated on the West Coast of Northern Vancouver Island and is a great place to either enjoy the scenery before you or to watch as Grey Whales make their way betw ...
Bald Eagle Vancouver Island

Forever on the alert, a bald eagle has a prime location for watching the goings-on on Vancouver Island.
Bald Eagle, Haliaeetus leucocephalus, in a tree on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
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