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Whale Watching By Sail Boat Vancouver Island

There's nothing quite like the peace of cruising the waters off Vancouver Island by sail boat and hearing the sound of a whale blow and watching it majestically cruise the waters.
A lone male killer whale provides the occupants of a sail boat with the perfect whale watching opportunity off the coast of Vancovuer Island. Sail boat whale watching off Vancouver Island in Qu ...
Inside Passage Sailing British Columbia Canada

A beautiful sailing destination, the British Columbia, Canada portion of the Inside Passage can sometimes be shrouded in fog during late summer and fall.
Appearing from beneath a veil of fog and heading into Broughton Strait from the Queen Charlotte Strait, Pultenay Point is a welcome sight. The Inside Passage of British Columbia, Canada is a popul ...
Johnstone Strait Sailing Northern Vancouver Island

Sandwiched between the Mainland and Northern Vancouver Island, the Queen Charlotte and Johnstone and Straits are scenic sailing destinations in BC, Canada.
As far as sailing vacations go, the Inside Passage is one of the most stunning and scenic locations in BC. Johnstone Strait is a narrow passage of water between Campbell River and Telegraph Cove w ...
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